2YOON  @ UCC Encore

reblogging self because I miss them…

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Rose Leslie at the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (x)

she’s watching OITNB !!! :((


Elegant…and dying

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I don’t like the show Outlander that much but it’s got some really pretty cinematography and music

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this is the third Lars von Trier’s film I’ve worked on (translating or revising other people’s translations) lately and it’s emotionally draining to watch his films over and over and over.

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I am as messed up as my music taste. Or should I say my messed up music taste reflects my personality?

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I’m done with The Fosters. I kept hoping it would be good again but with this summer finale, my patience has run out. And to think this show used to have so much potential… what a damn waste.

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school is just starting. and I’m having 2 translation projects going on simultaneously. so busy. ugh

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another excellent Melodic Death Metal album from an unknown band. thank you the sweet Lord of Metal for everything !